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Business Start-Ups

Everyone who starts a business has every intention of being successful. However, enthusiasm is only one of the vital prerequisites for success - the stark reality is that many new businesses fail within the first year and OVER 50% fail to survive beyond the third year.


The reasons for failure vary, from inadequate planning and market research, ineffective strategy or implementation, cash-flow difficulties, or a combination of such factors which all relate to management and leadership issues. Another serious cause of failure which has impacted on even major corporations, for example, Woolworths Plc and Kodak, is the inability to sustain a competitive advantage, which is fundamental in today's rapidly changing competitive commercial environment. 


At IBC, we have extensive expertise gained from in excess of 30 years of experience in all aspects of business development to ensure that thorough planning from the outset and throughout the development of your business will help provide you with the foundation to not only achieve success but to continue to effectively manage growth and development.


Is your Start-Up in difficulty?


If you are in a position of having started your business but now find you are in difficulty, we may be able to provide vital expertise and assistance; with our focused, analytical and empathetic approach, we can undertake a prompt comprehensive appraisal in order to provide critical advice and help to determine an appropriate, effective strategy. Critically, a potentially successful strategy will fail unless it is implemented effectively - and at IBC, we can help achieve this objective; and once we have done so, we can provide on-going, inspirational support to help ensure that you remain successful. However, to maximise the potential for survival, time really is of the essence and it is, therefore, critical to take immediate and decisive action.


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