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Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), to use its formal term, will help you or your company to reduce the cost of litigation and the adverse impact of legal proceedings on you and/or your business, from both a financial and time management perspective.


At IBC, we have extensive expertise in the diligent assessment and evaluation of the cause of disputes and how a dispute can most effectively be resolved to help ensure that you - whether self employed or a company director - are able to focus on managing and developing your business without the negative, long term impact caused by legal proceedings.


Legal proceedings often arise due to the inability of the parties to negotiate effectively and objectively, or due to intransigence without reasoned, objective assessment of the issues. As an independent arbitrator utilising a unique skill set and empathy with both parties, we can help to conclude an amicable settlement.


Legal action should be regarded as a last resort given the potential significant costs involved and the detrimental effect of loss of time and stress which can be caused by the long term impact of legal proceedings.


Another important consideration is that ADR will also prevent sensitive information from being made public knowledge, unlike legal proceeedings as, with the latter, documents and witness statements are deemed to be in the public domain once a trial commences, which could result in potential negative publicity and/or sensitive information being made public with potential serious consequences for your business.


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