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Franchisor Development

At IBC, we provide a comprehensive franchise development service for establishing new franchise operations and the development of established Franchisors in order to achieve persistent annual growth.


If you have a successful business which you believe may be franchisable, we can provide you with a solid foundation for your long-term success as a Franchisor -  to help ensure that you fulfil the true potential of your business in the UK and, if appropriate, globally.

Why IBC?

Unlike other franchise development companies, at IBC we have a broad mix of requisite skills and expertise in business development and an unparalled knowledge and understanding of the franchise industry.   

We help our clients avoid common mistakes in establishing a successsful franchise operation, utilising our extensive expertise in franchising and comprehensive understanding of the current industry, developed over 27 years.

Why franchise?

The most common question we are asked when initially advising a potential new Franchisor is:


What are the benefits of franchising


The primary benefit to the Franchisor is the expansion of your business - both nationally and, if you wish, internationally - without financial risk to you, which is achieved as a consequence of two key benefits:-


  1. You can develop your business substantially and rapidly for only a fraction of the investment in comparison to the organic growth of your business which you would otherwise need to finance (which often prevents the growth levels attainable with franchising); and,


  1. Upon the successful development of your franchise operation, you will have franchisees operating and managing business units whom - experience has proven - will be far more committed and more reliable than employees, with much greater desire for success, without the overhead.

Building solid foundations...












At IBC, we will ensure the successful development and effective implementation of your franchise development programme.


We work with you to analyse, guide and advise you throughout the entire franchise development process, from the critical, initial assessment, to devising and implementing a successful franchise strategy and on-going development programme, implementing appropriate systems (if required and instructed) through to the launch and effective promotion and marketing of your franchise operation. It is important to emphasise we work with you and only proceed to the next stage on your instructions - so you remain in total control at all times.


IBC..your partner for inspired success

Importantly, we do not stop there. We want to help ensure your continued success in the highly competitive franchise industry.


We will continue to be on hand, as and when required, to help ensure the successful growth of your business, year after year; we offer Franchisors our inspiring Franchise Management Service, working together with you to:-


  • Assist you in the franchisee selection process to help you appoint franchisees who will succeed - which is fundamental to the growth of your business;
  • Market and sell, on your behalf, Master International Franchise Licenses;
  • Devise and implement inspirational training programmes for consistent franchisee development;
  • Advise on national and/or international marketing;
  • Monitor and evaluate performance in order to acheive consistent development;
  • Sustain competitive advantage for your business - key to strategic development and annual growth of your business.

Strict Confidentiality

At IBC, we fully recognise and appreciate the importance of project sensitivity and that confidentiality is absolutely paramount to our client at all times.


For this reason, all consultancy work we undertake (unlike many of our competitors) is conducted on a strictly confidential basis. To this end, we provide a comprehensive NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which even includes non-disclosure of client names - save for instances when our client agrees to the contrary, in writing, signed by a company director, partner or business proprietor, as appropriate.

For an initial appraisal...

Contact Michael Diaz in strictest confidence for an initial appraisal, without obligation, on


+44 (0) 1903 264086


Alternativelly, email in strictest confidence at:


Your privacy is paramount to us: IBC PRIVACY POLICY

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