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Employment Mediation

Ensuring that you, as an employer, comply fully with current employment laws and that your employees rights are not abused is critical, whether you are a sole trader, SME or major corporation. If a dispute arises and this escalates to an Employment Tribual, this can be exceptionally time consuming and costly, both financially with substantial legal costs, and from a time management perspective, impacting adversely on you and your business. Furthermore, a negative outcome can seriously impact on your reputation as an employer and on individual managers (or directors or sole traders, if appropriate), as information made available in tribunals may be reported by the national and local press.


At IBC, we provide expert support for both employers and employees. Our philosophy is very much one of objective, fair and sensible mediation through negotation between the parties at an early stage in order to prevent the dispute from escalating and becoming very costly from a financial and time perspective, also helping to avoid potential damage to your reputation in your local area as an employer.


We help to ensure that, with a fair and objective analysis of the dispute, and by providing reasoned mediation based on the facts, we can help negotiate a positive settlement for both parties, and, in so doing, avoid extensive legal costs and minimise distress, disruption, inconvenience and negative impact which can be caused to your business or organisation.


For professional advice, understanding and prompt service, contact Thomas James in strictest confidence,  on:


+44 (0) 1903 264086


or email:  Tom.James@inspiredbusinessconsultants.com


Please note that we cannot act for an employee in a dispute with an employer if we are already instructed by the employer of that employee, as this would provide us with a conflict of interest; similarly, we cannot act for an employer if already instructed by an employee of that employer.


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